In Old Montreal just south of the Financial District sits The Farsides. Brought to you by John Edward Gumbley (Bord’Elle) and the Jegantic team, the Farsides is an edgy new take on the restaurant and bar scene. Our blend of culinary styling sets the exotic far eastern flavours of Thailand’s shores crashing into the far Western Beaches of Hawaiian cuisine. The result of this fusion is something we like to call Thaiwaiian. A sumptuous combination of authentic Thai and Hawaiian delicacies, merging familiar flavours with elevated function. The trendsetting fare is served up by famous and award winning executive chef Athiraj Phrasavath and features a special signature vegan menu concocted by none other than the U.S winner of Master Chef, Dino Angelo Luciano.
Not only do we consider the Farsides to be a unique take on cuisine, we also aim to please with a brand new re-imagining of the Tiki bar concept. Our mixology program features no less than a dozen modern interpretations of classic cocktails you would normally only expect to find in the Islands. Stepping into the Farsides will be like walking into our version of an alleyway in Brooklyn circa 1992. Complete with brick walls as high as the eye can see, fire escapes, graffiti laced facades and believe it or not our very own hand painted basketball court. Add a touch of the exotic with jungle like overgrowth set to the beat of 90’s hip hop and nostalgic memorabilia from the golden age of rap and what you’ll find is The Farsides. Montreal you might not know us but we know you very well.

Brought to you by John Edward Gumbley, president of Jegantic, Bord’Elle and founder of a dozen other food and beverage type venues in Montreal while the food component is masterfully handled by award winning executive chef Athiraj Phrasavath.

Jegantic not only owns and manages venues, we do all of our own Social Media, Marketing and Design in-house. We are a one stop shop from the ground up covering all aspects of the hospitality industry. John Gumbley and Jegantic employ approximately 200 people in Montreal through various holdings.

Dino Luciano, MasterChef Season 8 Winner, Consulting Chef

Obsessed with the pursuit of perfection, Dino Angelo Luciano presents his heart on a plate. From a young age, Dino spent countless hours in a small New York kitchen learning, or as his grandmother called it “training to feed a large Sicilian army”. This gave him the expertise to compete nationally, winning the title of MasterChef  USA in 2017 as the first ever vegan chef. Driven by his dream of feeding the world, Dino has a determination and obsession to elevate his craft. From creating menus for restaurants around the world as a consultant, to his favorite passion of feeding the homeless, there’s a constant hunger & motivation for just pure life. He believes that collaboration is integral to his ultimate goal of sharing the love of cooking with everyone.

Bryan Beyung

Classically trained in graphic design and former graffiti artist specializing in abstract picturing, raw lines and deliberate imperfections. His works can be seen in the United States, Portugal, Canada, Haiti and Cambodia and are on permanent display at Michel-Ange gallery in Montreal, Canada and Kbach Gallery in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Beyung works and lives in Montreal”.

John Edward Gumbley, President and Founder

John E. Gumbley is the creative mind behind some of Montreal’s most iconic and long lasting entertainment brands. A recognized and well-respected businessman, philanthropist, world traveller and dedicated family man, John has helped shape the nightlife, music, entertainment and hospitality industries of Montreal for many years. With food and beverage brands like the 1920’s prohibition inspired Bord’Elle Boutique Bar & Eatery, John has founded Jegantic with an eye towards record setting growth. Multiple major products are now under development, including a fusion Thai and Hawaiian restaurant/tiki bar (The Farsides) and a 5 star Hotel encompassing his newest vision of a world class immersive supper club. His dedication to detail and
determination to fuse dreamlike scenarios with authentic flavour and style make each one of his creations a distinct entity of its own. This Montreal native is a true trailblazer, not only living up to, but continuously raising international standards as well as the reputation this city has of producing highly creative, trend setting and unique dining and nightlife experiences.

Athiraj Phrasavath, Executive Chef

A master of exotic flavours Chef Athiraj Phrasavath a.k.a The Spice King is one of the leaders of Montreal’s new food movement, chef battle champion and prolific menu ghost writer. With Issan Thai and Lao roots he spent his childhood in the kitchens of his communities elders absorbing the secrets and traditions of their reviled cuisine. Beginning his career in the kitchen of L’Atelier restaurant. A year later he became the assistant chef of Bronte (best new restaurant Canada – En Route Magazine). His next stop would prove life altering as he spent the next decade as chef Joe Mercuri’s apprentice and right hand in the kitchens of Montreal classics Rosalie’s, Globe and Mercuri before opening creative pop up space Slk Rd. 2019 finds him as the executive chef of The Farsides one of “Montreal’s most anticipated Fall openings” according to Eater.


Some of our signature dishes, prepared by our
Executive Chef Athiraj Phrasavath

Drunken Lobster Pad Thai
Kahuku Style Garlic Shrimp
Hawaiian Style Misoyaki Butterfish
Massaman Yellow Curry
Whole Red Snapper
Morning Glory
Various Pokes
Thai Coconut Soup
Shaved Ice Desserts

Signature Vegan options prepared by
Master Chef Winner Dino Luciano

Poblano Green Curry
Pad Thai Mei Wei
Herb Crusted Cauliflower Satay Skewers
Tom Kha Ramen


690 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest
Montréal, QC
H3C 0S5